Introducing Venture Insight from 6 Engines    

Compared to traditional solutions that optimize around individual contacts, we offer the most comprehensive, scalable fundraising data support in the marketplace.


➣   6 Engines eliminates the drudgery and time of finding contacts

➣   The largest, most comprehensive database of its kind with names, titles, email addresses.


➣   Validated contacts using of both AI algorithms augmented with manual work to ensure accuracy

➣   Latest technology and techniques including AI, machine learning and NLP


➣   Continually updated contacts

➣   Investor contacts suitable from Seed Stage through Series B. Our technology segments by geography and industry


Venture  Insights by 6 Engines produces the most comprehensive list of investors that want to invest in your company.  Emails, phone numbers and more for Seed Stage through Series B investors in your industry, geography and more…


Is it affordable?

We’ve built our pricing model with you in mind and we stand behind the quality of our data. 

Pay 50% when we get started and 50% once you are financed from one of our contacts.