Introducing Market Insights from 6 Engines    

It’s not about how many emails you send, it’s about how many customers you get.

  • Maybe you are a sales acceleration software company that helps sales teams work more efficiently and organize the work flow better.  Your target market isn't going to be anyone that sells - it is going to be those with a sales team of 5 or more.  We can help you find decision makers with a sales team, and save you valuable time trying to engage with those without.


  • Maybe you sell a software solution that works only with Linux. We can help you identify companies and contacts of only those companies that use Linux, saving you the time required to screen thousands of Windows users.


  • Maybe you are an outsourced CFO service and want to prospect into firms that, well, have no full time CFOs in staff.  Don't want to make those incumbent CFOs frown at your email ...  


  • Maybe you are servicing SaaS companies with a subscription management software, but most of the emails you sent to do not have a subscription model...


Thousands of more possibilities - in any of these cases, you may prospect into the whole market and waste time engaging with everyone who may open your email.


Market Insights by 6 Engines produces the most hyper-targeted email/phone marketing contacts in the Industry by combining  advanced technology and industry-leading information sources into a list of decision-makers at your target customers.