Prospecting, done right.

6 Engines leverages multiple industry-leading data sources and its powerful 6 step process to produce the most hyper-targeted email prospecting list, period.

6 Engines builds highly targeted prospecting lists for CEOs, Marketers and Salespeople to dramatically increase productivity in fund-raising, prospecting and lead generation. Our proprietary technologies collate large amounts of information scattered over the internet and combines that with world-class proprietary databases to identify organizations and contacts that fit your precise definition.  We provide the most current and accurate contact data to help you reach new leads with knowledge, confidence, and efficiency.



Venture  Insights by 6 Engines produces the most comprehensive list of investors that want to invest in your company.  Emails, phone numbers and more for Seed Stage through Series B investors in your industry, geography and more…


Market Insights by 6 Engines produces the most hyper-targeted email/phone marketing contacts in the Industry by combining  advanced technology and industry-leading information sources into a list of decision-makers at your target customers.

How it Works